Konjac Face Loofah - Green Tea

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Konjac Face Loofah - Green Tea
Konjac Face Loofah - Green Tea
Konjac Face Loofah - Green Tea

Made of an Asian root plant, This loofah soaked in green tea leaf extracts and culminated with green clay works wonders to repair the damage done on your skin due to free radicals. That is a perfect cleansing tool with high levels of antioxidants to fight aging, acne, and elasticity loss while replenishing your natural beauty.

Use it to remove the dead cells and unclog your pores to get healthy, clean, and glowing skin.

● Find the dehydrated dome of konjac sponge inside the package and soak it in warm water for 10-12 mins before the first use.
● Run the loofah under warm water for 1-2 minutes for later uses.
● Always squeeze out the excess water before use.
● Be gentle. Avoid scrubbing vigorously.

Deep cleanse regime your skin will so love:
● Gently exfoliate your face to steer clear of oil, dust, and stubborn makeup.
● Safe for everyday use.
● Use it with or without a face cleanser/face foam/face wash.
● Experience reduced blemishes, clogged pores, dry patches, dead skin, and flakes with regular use.
● Klome Konjac Face Loofa is: Vegan. Organic. Compostable.
● Klome is a clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally-conscious brand.
● 100% biodegradable/recyclable outer packaging. We strongly condemn single-use

We have a Konjac Loofah for every need of your skin:
Charcoal - Most suitable for oily, acne-prone skin.
Green Tea - Repair the skin damage caused due to free radicals.
Cherry Blossom - Heal skin inflammation and roughness.
Natural - Suitable for all skin types.


Konjac Face Loofah - Green Tea
Konjac Face Loofah - Green Tea
Konjac Face Loofah - Green Tea