Being Essentially Kind

Being Essentially Kind

I have been very itching to write about a trend that’s often misunderstood. Buzzwords for the last decade have been organic, vegan, sustainability etc, and rightly so, considering the current scenario concerning climate, health and survival. But not everything labeled organic is actually organic now, is it? Let’s review what organic should actually mean and the formulation of cosmetic products using organically farmed ingredients. These ingredients are grown without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GM), herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and more.


The ugly truth is out there for you to see, but it’s artfully concealed under the glamorous veil of out-of-the-box marketing and kickass jingles. That awesome golden product that you actually purchase is no doubt 100% vegetarian or vegan with little or no chemicals, but can we say the same about the process? The by-product of the cosmetic industry have led to a rapidly declining environment and a steady increase in cancer-related health problems. Besides that, not every “organic” company is ethical and have no qualms about testing on animals now, don’t we know that? It’s easy to change social media settings to a format where cruelty videos are kept away from your newsfeed. That really doesn’t change the fact that it is still happening. Not everything vegetarian or vegan is suited for cosmetic use and some of them can produce harsh chemical reactions on the poor hapless creatures. Do we want a cleaner and a more ethical future, or are we choosing to fall prey to a system that’s been ruining our health and environment for generations? 


It’s impossible to turn around one’s life completely, but one can make a few changes that are absolutely doable.

  1. Be Essentially Ethical - Millions of workers lose health, families and children due to exposure to harsh chemicals and fumes, all because of the perfect lipstick and eyeliner. Trust me, you’re not worth it, unlike what a popular brand’s tagline would usually say.
  2. Be Essentially Organic - If the product is vegan, that’s only a small part of the wholesome drill. Ensure that the end to end process is what they claim about the final product, and this will go a long way in changing what has been going on.
  3. Be Essentially Kind - If your product is not cruelty-free, you are responsible for it simply by choosing indifference to what’s happening. Every time you decide NOT to buy a product that’s tested on animals, you are adding another drop in the bucket of millions of people choosing the right path, and it is only increasing each day!

It takes as little as choosing the right brand with a moral mindset combined with high-quality cosmetics to a brighter future. If you’re not buying the ethics, don’t buy the product.

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